Chemical & Petrochemical

Sullair manufactures durable air compressors for chemical plants, petrochemical production, and other such industries. Facility operators will enjoy the benefits of reliable compressors that are designed with the highest standards of performance and safety.

Construction & Mining

The construction and mining industries demand the most durable air compressors that can survive in the harshest conditions. Sullair comes through in the clutch with a versatile selection of air compressors that are built for the long haul. The legendary air end on our machines features the highest standard of rotary screw technology for all types of terrain.

Food & Beverage

When your operation depends on compressed air, reliability matters. Sullair offers a dynamic range of compressed air solutions you can rely on for every step of your operation.

Gas Compression

Sullair is a world leader in gas compression technology. We manufacture genuine, OEM gas ends featuring one of the industry’s most streamlined designs. Built for the vapor recovery process, Sullair Gas Ends are able to handle high volumes of sweet or sour natural gases, enabling increased productivity.

General Manufacturing

Sullair compressors are the heart and soul of bustling manufacturing facilities all over the world. Maximize efficiencies in cost and production with durable air compressors that perform reliably day in and day out.

Industry/Automotive Shops

You have high demands for your compressed air system—Sullair makes machines for you. For more than 50 years, Sullair has built a reputation of reliability and durability. Add to that unprecedented performance, and you have the perfect solution for your garage.

Life Sciences

Great biological discoveries require hours upon hours of performance from the most durable equipment. Sullair air compressors hang in there through all the trials and tribulations with a fortified air end design featuring the finest in rotary screw technology.

Oil Free compressed air helps in manufacturing and ensuring relations are adhered to environmental standards.

Oil & Gas

Sullair air compressors serve an important role in gas and oil production centers all over the globe, from offshore rigs to inland locations. They are designed for ultimate durability in the most extreme climates and conditions. Sullair compressors work well for a wide range of oil and gas applications, from exploration to production.

Power Generation

Just as your customers expect reliable power, we provide a utility that’s just as critical. Sullair air compressors serve a wide range of functions for power generation and distribution facilities including steam, coal, electric, hydroelectric, nuclear and more.