RFE Series Refrigerated Air Dryers


The Sullair RF Dryer performs reliably to maximize the quality of your air. Every unit is specially designed according to its flow with the right components to ensure low energy consumption. Other highlights of this durable equipment include a quick start time, efficient operation, and easy access for service and maintenance.

  • Digi-pro controller offers one-touch adjustments with digital dew point monitoring, energy-saving mode, maintenance intervals, hour meter and status report. (Available on models RFE-03 through RFE-652)
  • ESD3 controller provides economy features and alarm capabilities. (Available on models RFE-847 through RFE-2083)
.37 – 208.84 m³/min
Maximum operating pressure
16 bar
Maximum operating temperature
50 °C


Models vary by region. Please contact your Sullair sales representative for more details.


                FEATURES & BENEFITS

  • Aluminum Plate Heat Exchanger
    • Featuring a state-of-the-art design, this component is standard for all units, and offers some of the industry’s best cost savings
      • Very low pressure drop saves compressor power
      • Thin aluminum plate thickness
      • High heat transfer surface area
      • Thick external cylindrical wall offers added strength
      • Water separator optimized for best performance
  • Quick Start and Reaction Times
    • Provides additional production time
  • Energy Efficiency
    • Highly energy-efficient R134a refrigerant standard across all models
  • Best-in-class Refrigerant Compressors
    • Consumes less energy than competitive dryers
    • Scroll compressors — energy efficient and strong against liquid shock — are standard for models RFE-82 through RFE-2083
  • Pressure Switches
    • Control the condenser’s fan motor for energy saving and system operation at desired conditions
  • Safe and Easy Electrical Wiring
    • There are very few electrical wires inside the refrigerant side of the dryer. Electrical box has an external cover with outside access, so there is no need to open dryer panels for electrical access
  • Dew Point of 3˚C to +10˚C Depending on Working Conditions
  • Sullair Warranty: 2 Years
  • Electrical Conformance Standards: UL-508A
  • Compact Design
    • Suitable for small installation spaces.
    • Two filters integrated into the dryer, which saves piping cost, space, and labour time for technicians and end users.
    • Flexibility and economy during transportation


                   MODELS & SPECS

50 Hz

  • Flow Rates m³/min: 0.37 – 208.84
  • Max Inlet Air Temperature °C: 50
  • Max Working Pressure bar: 16


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